Susie formed Susie’s Write Solutions in 2011 with the desire to write a book. She found instead that helping others write their book was more of her calling. As of 2017, Susie has helped to complete three books in addition to writing articles, short stories and website content. She is currently booked through the year 2018.

Susie the twenty years prior to 2011 working for a property management company, a wholesale nursery, an engineer and a building contractor – all of which included considerable writing projects. She was also a Realtor in the Palm Beaches from 2001 to 2005 and earned her paralegal certification in 2009.

Many of the people Susie has encountered in the last few years have mentioned how they have always wanted to write a book or have said that their life would make a good story. There is no shortage of stories out there. It seems as though the motivation of others to tell their story is short on supply at times. Other times, people are willing, they just never get around to it.

What about you? Would you like to tell your story or do you know someone who might? Soon, you will be able to click here to find out how you can start writing or sharing your content without having to set up your own site. For now, you can check out Susie’s blog below.