Me – I am Susie Arnold Raffey – Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend, Colleague. And in that order, generally. I love my family, friends, and co-workers, always have. I also love to blog, and like a lot of people, I let other things get in between me and the things I love, including people. My latest mission is to change this.

Having more dreams than minutes in which to complete them, together with my indecisiveness, has resulted in me trying to manage too many blogs. In an effort to fix this, I have been making some changes and additions. My main personal blog can still be found at as well as They will both go to the same site.

Another site, on Shutterfly, I share photos of both mine and Dave’s family tree. Some are from long ago, some more recent. All are personal to us somehow, even though they include generations we have never met. Photos given to me by my mother and grandmother as well as those from the albums my mother-in-law created, which we inherited, these and many more can be found on this site –

If you have ever known us or been a friend of a friend, well then you may very well find a photo of yourself here someday. If you do and would rather not, just let me know! Also, photos of animals – pets and wildlife alike – and scenery, are available for your use under a Creative Commons Copyright.

As far as social media, I frequent Google+ the most. You can find me here, here: This is also where you will find a private community I started years prior to switching to Shutterfly, called As Susie Sees It –  My Life In Pics. Photos of things Dave and I do are posted here in the moment. Everyday outings as well as special occasions, this is where you will find it: Clicking on this link will direct you to request membership if you are not already a member. Family, friends and friends of friends are welcome to join, all you need is a Google account (an @gmail email address is a Google account). The app is the easiest way to follow photos here, although not necessary. One option is to receive an email whenever she posts and when you click on the link, the content will open in a web browser.

Other sites of the social media sort where I will sometimes post stuff include: