Me – I am Susie Arnold Raffey – Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend, Colleague. And in that order, generally. I love my family – each and every member of my kin folk, in the law and out, and for this I feel very fortunate. I have also been lucky to have had the best of friends as well as awesome co-workers. This isn’t to say that I haven’t had complaints involving the above people at some point in time, God knows I was quite a complainer! He also knows how to change that.

Amidst this time of change, I challenged the idea that all things flow from either a place of love or a place of fear. I found that I was wrong, that it did make sense after all, and knowing this has drastically changed my life. So much so, that my blog’s main domain name is now Don’t worry though, if you have bookmarked my blog, the previous names ( and will continue to work as well.

Another site I have started is on Shutterfly, where I share photos from both mine and Dave’s family tree. Some photos are from long ago, some more recent. All are personal to us somehow, even though they include generations that were before our time. Kin folks we have never met are in many of the photos. Passed-down and given to me by my grandmother, mother and my in-laws, I am looking for help in identifying some of the people as well as verifying stories. Others who have no story, need one, so please help if you can, my kin folk, and friends of kin folk.

Speaking of friends, do you suppose we could have a photo of you or your loved one on our site? Anyone who has ever known us or a member of our families, just may find themselves on our site. Private and password protected, the Shutterfly site is, so to gain access you need to sign-up with Shutterfly and then ask to become a member of our site, called My LIP Service Project .com. Go to to get started.

As far as social media, I frequent Google+ the most. You can find me here, here: This is also where you will find a private community I started years prior to switching to Shutterfly, called As Susie Sees It –  My Life In Pics. Photos of things Dave and I do are posted here in the moment. Everyday outings as well as special occasions, this is where you will find it: Clicking on this link will direct you to request membership if you are not already a member. Family, friends and friends of friends are welcome to join, all you need is a Google account (an @gmail email address is a Google account). The app is the easiest way to follow photos here, although not necessary. One option is to receive an email whenever she posts and when you click on the link, the content will open in a web browser.

Other sites of the social media sort where I will sometimes post stuff include: