Miss Kitty needs a long branch

It takes a long branch for Miss Kitty when it comes to helping another, which I believe is mostly due to fear. She can appear to be mean, with her, I’ll get you before you get me, attitude, although I know she is not really mean. She is just scared.

Miss Kitty is different and she knows it. Compared to the other cats around here, she has short legs and a short tail.

I bet it does hinder her ability to win a cat fight, and therefore, she makes sure the other cats are afraid to get in a fight with her. She does a good job at it, too.

Every cat here shrinks from Miss Kitty. They all seem to know and respect that she is the boss.

So while Miss Kitty is willing to help other less fortunate felines, it is best for that olive branch to be a long one.

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