Meet Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty is absolutely adorable, until she’s not, which is actually much of the time. But even then, she’s still pretty darn cute.

Miss Kitty prefers to be her cutest in private. Sometimes I am able to spy on her moments of solitude,

but most of the time I get busted watching her and she wants to hide.

“I understand,” I tell her, “I used to do that, too. But Miss Kitty, it’s ME, no need to feel self-conscious.” Sometimes she agrees and sometimes she fails to see my point. I figure it depends on whether or not she has recently done something that she would rather me not know about. Like being a bully at the cat door, for instance.

Just like humans, she’s not so nice when she doesn’t feel good about herself.

When Miss Kitty found her way to us in 2013, we had two other cats who set out to prove seniority. Miss Kitty made it clear that while they may be higher in command, respect – she would still demand. Shortly thereafter, they warmed up to each other.

Miss Kitty and Indee finally got close after two years, and then Indee got cancer. We were all super sad, including Miss Kitty.

We decided on Indee’s final day and on July 2, 2015, I stood by him, and Dave stood by me, while the vet administered the shot sending him to kitty heaven. That was the last time Miss Kitty allowed herself to get close to another feline.

A broken heart could explain not wanting to get close again. Love heals a broken heart, however, so for all who have broken hearts, I wish for you, love.

Miss Kitty is coming around.

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