Saying Good-bye to my Babies

The mojo around the Raffey Compound has definitely changed ever since the loss of our two dirty white boys. The male felines that snuggled their way into our hearts will laze around our bed no more. Yes, I am sad to report that Big-Foot and Indee have both said good-bye to this world. It was on June 2nd and July 2nd, respectively, and it just hurt so much, it took me a month to write about.

Summer 2010 015

Everyone loved Big-Foot. My BBBEBF – Baby Boy Blue-Eyed Big Foot. The first 10 years of his life I told him all the time how he was my baby boy blue-eyed big foot; the last 8 I shortened it. “There’s my b-b-b-e-b-f!” Either way, he knew he was my baby boy.

Our pit loved Big-Foot as well; they were buddies.

big foot

A true character, Big-Foot was! I have many more good pictures of him and will put them up here as I come across them. Pictures like this one –

big foot

Indee also loved Big-Foot, but Indee loved every soul. I called him my lover-boy, as he just loved to love.

big foot & indee

Unfortunately, we did not have nearly the time with Indee that we did with Big-Foot, which was 18 years. Indee was only 5 years old when he was diagnosed with cancer, and then he only had another six months.

miss you2
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