Susie’s Subaru

Dave will say he was tired of hearing me complain; I know that my increasing comfort of never leaving home had him concerned. And so knowing how much I love surprises, he came home in the middle of the day to get me and go look for a car. Within 2 hours, we were sitting at the DMV waiting to register this very one. What a good find.

Of course the first thing I noticed were the colors – they are very close to the ones of the car I had when Dave and I met. Then I thought of how he had a Subaru. How funny, in my mind. And when I exclaimed, seeing the sticker on the rear side window, “Honey, it was made in Indiana,” Dave had to burst my bubble and inform me that all Subaru’s are made in Indiana. “Well then why don’t we just LOVE Subaru’s?” I wanted to know. “What are you talking about, I have always loved Subaru’s,” he reminded me. “Oh yeah,” I remembered, “that’s right.”

He wanted me to get in, look inside and turn the key while he looked under the hood before we made any decisions. Right away though, I knew this would be the one. The radio started playing WAY-FM and I was sold. And since it sounded and looked good under the hood, Dave was sold also.

Woo Hoo! Susie has a new 2000 Subaru!

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