Boating, way back in the day

We chose to learn the waters from “the ground up,” you could say, or the sand up, perhaps.

And yes, I crammed as much stuff as I could into our canoe, much to Dave’s dismay, but then he’d say, “It’s alright, I got you, and if that means your stuff, too, I’ll take it.” Smart man. Or not. It totally depends on how you want to look at it.

“Someday,” he would also say, “we are going to have a bigger boat, and you can bring even more stuff if you want to.” Oh, he knew how to capture my heart.

“Maybe even a live-aboard,” he continued, to which I replied, “Ha! you’ll be living aboard it all by yourself!” No way could I see myself living on a boat.

Big Block Party of Birds

I took this video on Christmas day in Ft. Myers. Not a rare sight for those whose yard we were in; however, I was amazed. It was really something to be standing in the middle of! And I couldn’t help but think of my grandmother. I never will forget the time she started reciting a poem about a birdie in the sky who shat in her eye, after one did just that!