11.17.19 later

As it turned out, my assistance today was not needed, And some old advice I had heard, I heeded – “Too many cooks in the kitchen,” or something like that, So I asked my brother to take me back, I have a lot to do before I pack, Oh wait – pack? That I don’t have to do, Because of everything I need, I now have two.

One here and one there, Except when it comes to under-wearit’s more like ten pair. Even my bible and Amazon fire stick, I ordered both on Prime and they got here quick.

But anyway, Like I was about to say, It worked out how it was supposed to – today, Even the bulletin, it was meant to be that way, And so Adam thought it was Wednesday. It was God’s way of speaking to me, He knew that was what I needed to see. And thank you Sharon, for your text, I hope your day is super-blessed!