I wrote and recorded my poem yesterday,

But before I sent it on its way,

I decided there were things I should not say

And so I shut down my computer and went to bed.

I started writing about staying in the “now,” 

But majorly got off-track and I do not know how

I did not see the big black cow

Or do I mean a white elephant?

Well today it has been bugging me,

I feel I let myself down, don’t you see,

Those of you in my family tree,

I’m sorry.

I am sorry if say something you’d rather I not,

I am sorry if I embarrass or put you on the spot,

I am sorry for other things that I have forgot

And I hope you can get over it.

I need to do this for me,

Writing the poem in an under an hour, this is the key

So it’s possible there will be things I do not see.

This is my disclaimer.

Through this, I am becoming free

To know who I am, and that, I shall be,

And if you don’t want me to, I’ll quit for a fee,

But until then, here I am, and I do hope you’ll watch.

I hope and I pray that you’ll let me be me

And though we may not always agree,

May we love each other without apology,

And that I remember to let you be you, too.

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