Trippin in Transylvania

Trippin in Transylvania

Transylvania County in Brevard, North Carolina, is where Dave and I went to celebrate our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in October of 2018. Our anniversary is actually in September; we took the trip in October because I wanted to see the leaves change. Plus, Dave was busy with work until then.

While we were a bit early to see the leaves change, we still had the best view.

It has been especially difficult to write of this trip, due to my dad dying just a week after we got back. Particularly, because I defiantly said, “No,” when Dave mentioned inviting them on the trip. Therefore, this trip’s posts will be of little words.

The log cabin was a three-story house and Dave was right, there would have been plenty of room.

And the hikes, well, I doubt my parents could have handled the hikes. Most likely they would have stayed at the cabin and cooked. We hiked. And we hiked. Then I tripped on a rock. And then we hiked some more.

One time, we suddenly and unexpectedly came across a waterfall.

This is where I tripped.

Then we found a gazebo next to a quaint pond.

We discovered a road and made our way back to the house via pavement.

And then we rested.

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