Spiritual Gifts Surprise

I recently came across a most interesting document, dated over six years ago from when I was active in a local church. At the end of what could be called “a weekend retreat” (the simplest way I know to describe it), I was presented with a seven-page printout outlining my Spiritual Gifts, what each one means, and my strength in each one.

I remember wondering why my dominant gift turned out to be “Teaching;” thinking that my second strongest gift, “Showing Mercy,” really is my first; and having no clue what my third strength (which was actually a tie with second by a tiny sliver), “Exhortation,” even was. I highlighted some stuff from the first two pages before it wound up in a drawer and buried with a bunch of other busy work. At any rate, I haven’t seen it since.

Today, this document caught my attention, and then it absolutely made my day. The analysis warns exhorters – “Be careful not to interrupt other people; your enthusiasm sometimes makes you guilty of this.” All the time, yes that is me! For the first time, it seems, I could see how this had affected certain relationships, and how it is something I could change. Furthermore, reading this document helped me to see why, what other people think of me, is none of my business, and knowing this feels much better than the facade of not caring.

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