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Hi, my name is Susie, this is Cassie-Okie and we sincerely appreciate your help.

Whether you purchase an item from my online store, or prefer to make a donation, you are helping me to foster felines without a home.

Felines like Cassie, here.

Even if you do not care for cats, perhaps you could care for me or my family, or for the fact that we may be of help with a cat where you are at.

Since forming the nonprofit, Miss Kitty ‘s Long Branch Ranch Incorporated (LBRI) in 2017, we have taken in over 27 cats, helping to minimize the nuisance of stray cats in several neighborhoods.

We now need your help to keep them from becoming a nuisance in our neighborhood. Click here for more details on that.

To make a donation in any amount, click on the box below.

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It’s all about the cats

In 2017, Dave & I formed Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Ranch Incorporated, a nonprofit organization to help care for homeless cats in Loxahatchee, Florida. To raise funds, I sold stuff. My parents donated much of this stuff from their condo in Key Biscayne. In addition, my mom often offered several pieces of her handmade crocheted jewelry for me to sell.

Our mission with Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Ranch Incorporated (LBRI) continues to be caring for cats that have been abandoned or are a stray while expanding to include Hastings, Oklahoma as a site of refuge for our feline family. Now more than ever we need your help so that we may continue to care for 27 felines (as of January 2020) and be open to helping even more.

Cats aplenty are in the woods nearby, repopulating at an unbelievable rate. We can help by having cats sterilized through the County’s TNVR program. We also do whatever we can to control fleas, the presence of which, has an affect on health for both the felines and humans in the community. You see, fleas cause worms, and worms can cause a whole host of problems.

Meet some members of the Kitty family

Miss Kitty

Don’t let Miss Kitty’s short stance and stubby tail fool you, for she is quite the boss!

Max & Molly

Brothers from a litter found in 2018, Max and Molly truly love each other, totally!


Whitt was a rescue who had no problem adjusting… at first.

What do we do at LBRI?

Feed Hungry Felines

Feeding stray cats is just one of the basic things we do to help improve the situation among the homeless population.

Foster Felines

Fostering felines who have had a home but are for some reason loosing their home helps the frightened souls adjust to a new life.

House Homeless Cats

Providing shelter is one of the ways we go about helping the homeless cat situation among the stray and feral cat population.

Build Owl Boxes

Building and hanging owl boxes is another need we see to provide a safe home for owls that are displaced due to development.

Participate in TNVR

Participating in the Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, Release program in Palm Beach County helps to prevent overpopulation.

Track Feral Cats

Tracking feral cats via means of a microchip implanted as part of the TNVR Program helps the county stay on top of the feral population.

To help support our endeavors, we are selling stuff

We are selling all sorts of things, like costume jewelry, including rings. Books and hooks and nic-nacs for nooks, dishes with fishes and some of Mom’s wishes, and clothes, although we gave away most of those. Some vintage clothes are mighty nice and from what I hear, they could fetch a price. But I’m easy, so just see, I may give the clothes for free.

How can you help?

Obviously, you can shop our store, and if you do not desire to make a purchase or a donation, simply sharing our site is another way to help.

Checking out and subscribing to my YouTube Channel Susie Raffey, or my blog at susieraffey.com, would also help.

Shop by Category

Glassware & China

Full settings of china and accessories as well as vases, candy dishes and fancy cups.


If it’s in this category, it’s made of wood. Take a look, would ya? There’s some neat things!


Old, older and way old are the books here. And newer ones we can not donate.


Comic books, baseball cards, stamps and coins are what you will find here in Collections.

From around the world

Oh, the places my parents have been! And the stuff my mom has brought back…


The items themselves are not misfits. They just do not fit in another category. Like seashells!

All purchases directly support caring for cats in both Hastings and Loxahatchee.

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