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One of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and a catalyst to a new career, was helping my father to complete his autobiography, From the Cotton Patch to PhD, God’s Management of Man Through the Eyes of a Scientist by Dr. Wendell R. Arnold. After successfully deciphering several spiral notebooks containing my father’s handwriting, I typed it while editing along the way, helped proofread it, and saw the final product through every step of the publication process. Available on Amazon – paperback, hardcover or electronic – it has received wonderful reviews. You can also get a paperback copy from me, just visit my online store, where I have this and so much more, including seashells, at

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A blog about’s word of the day, it was the beginning of another something wonderful – I discovered my love for blogging. And so I started other blogs, and then another and another, and now a decade later in 2020, I am consolidating and mending my “blog crazy” ways.

The Susie’s Write Solutions Blog is still located at it’s own site, and since I have not linked it back to here as of yet, it will open in a new tab. I would also like to point out that any advertising you may see on that blog, has nothing to do with me. WordPress utilizes free sites such as, to advertise all sorts of stuff. I pay a fee for my main site here, to keep it ad-free, and someday I will have everything transferred over. Until I do, click on the image below to check out Susie’s Write Solutions Blog.

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