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As director of Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Ranch Incorporated (LBRI), I perform a variety of tasks to assist the well-being of wildlife while considering the needs of the community. Managing the online store, Susie Sells Seashells & other stuff at SusieSellsSeashells.com, is one of these tasks. Another is posting photos and video from around the ranch, like the one below, to my blog.

Cute cats certainly dominate the camera, though they are not the only subjects on the ranch. We also have owls, chickens, snakes, turtles, and occasionally a gator in the pond, all of which we catch on film. We get some pretty good scenery footage, too.

You will find a variety of things on my blog, including:

  •           My family legacy project on YouTube
  •           Boating and fishing with Dave and friends
  •           Road trips we have taken

If you are looking for AVON products, shop my online store at youravon.com/susieraffey. That’s right, I am also an Avon Representative and have been since 2016. If you need me to deliver rather than having it shipped directly from Avon, please contact me and let me know. Shipping is free for orders over $40.

I also manage Raffey Development & Remodeling, Inc. (RDR), along with my husband and building contractor Dave Raffey. With over 40 years of experience in the construction industry in Florida, Dave delivers top-notch service throughout much of south Florida. For additional information, see RDR’s website at raffeydevelopment.com.

My favorite thing to do is blog about places we have been and things we have done, and to work on my family legacy project. Click on the button below to check out the entire blog. You can also click on a specific link up above or on a category below. Keep scrolling to see a few of my all-time favorite posts.

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A Few of my Favorite Posts

Our First

After twenty years of marriage, my husband and I finally did it – we took our first vacation – just the two of us, without any other agenda, event to attend or person in tow. We choose to go somewhere we have never been and have wanted to check out – the Florida Keys. Marathon, to be exact, a few miles past Vaca Key, and before the 7-mile bridge. The exact location was solely based on finding a place that would accommodate our large dog, and we were happy with the outcome. The Banana Bay Resort & Marina came up…

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Trippin in Transylvania

Trippin in Transylvania Transylvania County in Brevard, North Carolina, is where Dave and I went to celebrate our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in October of 2018. Our anniversary is actually in September; we took the trip in October because I wanted to see the leaves change. Plus, Dave was busy with work until then. It has…

Annual Asparagus Festival

Every year for many years, we could count on my parents to stock our pantry with cases of home-grown pickled asparagus due to their abundant asparagus field and their talents in the kitchen. Even if we told them we still had plenty, my dad would say something like, “It will keep for years, and you never know when you’ll need it.” That was my dad. My mom, too, but mostly my dad. The asparagus crop of…

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My Mom, Designer & Seamstress

Featuring clothes that my mom, Carolyn Arnold, won awards for designing and making in the 1970’s in Ft. Collins, Colorado, and the respective newspaper articles.

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