Susie Raffey, Independent AVON Sales Representative

I signed up to be an Independent AVON Sales Representative in 2016 after deciding to end my several-year hiatus from makeup. The hiatus began the last time I got a stye. I was tired of looking for makeup that would not bother my eyes. I was tired of the experiments.

One day in 2016, I remembered how, many years ago, I used to order Avon makeup. I could not remember ever having problems then. I recalled how my grandmother used to order it and give me gifts of Avon. Then suddenly I remembered it was the very first makeup I ever wore. I decided I would try wearing makeup again, Avon makeup.

While looking for a representative in my area, I decided I would just sign-up. I am so glad I did. I love the products, all of them. Makeup is not the only thing Avon has to offer, not by a long-shot. The company’s soaps, scrubs and serums are super. Jewelry, clothes and shoes, too, I have purchased more than a few and am very happy with each item.

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