Helping save the strays,

one cat at a time.

Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Ranch Incorporated (LBRI) is a non-profit organization committed to fostering felines who have no home while enforcing population control through spay and neutering.

We are recognized as:

  • Meeting the needs of the community by taking strays in the area to be spayed or neutered, reducing the number of unwanted cats.
  • A leader in the non-shelter shelter industry for cats as a free-roam society.
  • Having a unique and equally beautiful environment which:
    • Provides a home to wildlife, achieving cross-functional synergy
    • Rewards volunteers and visitors alike with excitement and joy
    • Promotes positivity and peace.
  • A dynamic organization with a commitment to continuous improvement, cost consciousness and waste elimination in all phases of our operation.
  • A leader in ethical standards through practicing integration techniques.
  • Promoting environmental stewardship while being of service to mankind.

In addition to supporting Palm Beach County’s countdown to zero initiative by providing transportation to and from sterilization services, we provide food and shelter for homeless cats in a free-roam environment on five acres.

To make this possible, we:

  • Offer items for sale at our online store,
  • Post videos on Susie Raffey’s YouTube channel.
  • Accept donations at our online store.
  • Hold fundraisers and events in a stimulating yet peaceful environment that emphasizes:
    • The beauty of nature and its reflection in others,
    • The rewards of individual initiative and value of self-worth,
    • The rewards of interdependence and team growth, and
    • The importance of continuous improvement.

To ensure the prosperity and well-being of LBRI felines, volunteers, and neighbors, long-term income growth is essential. As important as this objective is, how we achieve it, is just as important. The core values in which we believe and practice are fundamental to our success.

  • Whether created by a supreme being or a big bang, felines are a creation on this earth. We revere creation as something special.
  • We believe responsible feline family planning is necessary in order to reduce the over-population of unwanted cats.
  • Felines fear and felines love, evidenced by fighting and purring. As proponents of overcoming fear through love and contributors of, we encourage love and respect above all else.
  • Neighbors come, neighbors go, and neighbors complain. We do what we can to keep the cats contained to the property, as embracing the highest standards of ethics and citizenship is important to us.
  • We demonstrate our concern for others as well as environmental stewardship by giving away hundreds of donated household items to those in need, items that would otherwise be in a landfill.

How did we get the name, Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Ranch?

Read our post, “Miss Kitty needs a long branch,” to find out.

Who is Miss Kitty?

Read, “Meet Miss Kitty,” to get to know her.

Check out our online store at, where you will find all sorts of stuff, including seashells, for sale, all to benefit Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Ranch. You can also make a donation – one time or recurring. And if you do, we thank you!

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