When I signed up to be an Independent AVON Sales Representative in 2016, I had a slight fear that I would fail. Fail at keeping my online store open, at least. Well I am thankful to say, I hardly even think about it today. Sure, I could do more business if I did, think about it I mean, but since it works for me, for now, no need to change a thing.

Wait. Nope, I take that back – one thing I am changing is how often I say, “Thank you.”

Thank you, my friends, who continue to get your AVON products from me, especially Teri, Gloria and Ellen – your orders are so appreciated. I think of you three often and how you help keep my online store open, and you don’t even know! Again, Thank You!

To my friends who wish I came around more – I had to tighten my delivery zone. Unless you live in or come around my neighborhood, orders from me will have to be online. If you prefer to have a representative come to you, simply go to youravon.com and look for one. No hard feelings here. In fact, I hope you do find a rep near you, because, come on – everyone loves AVON!