Susie Raffey, Professional Futures Trader

Online Trading Academy (OTA) is where I learned (and still learning) to be a Professional Futures Trader. While I completed live classes in the spring of 2017, thankfully, my education continues online for life. Good thing, because learning how to trade the markets successfully has been a challenging feat indeed.

How to read various charts involved in trading and how to use those charts to make successful trades, is pretty much what I am learning at OTA. This can be done for different markets, such as stocks, futures, forex and options. I started with trading futures contracts.

A number of things I have learned about, surprised me, including how you do not have to first buy low and then sell high to make money; you can also sell high first and then buy low. To do this though, you better know what you are doing. I did not know anything about this before attending OTA.

Somewhere on this page, you should see links to sites I use to help assist me in my trading endeavors, including a link to Online Trading Academy. If you choose to check it out, undoubtedly you will see the same link that I clicked on a couple years ago, after Dave came home and said, “Honey, you might want to check this out, it sounds right up your alley.” He knows me well – I am really into it. Took me a bit to get over my fear though, which was the perfect example of False Expectations Appearing Real, and which I blog about at

Doing it was required to get past the overwhelm, not thinking about how. So yeah, I am a trader now! Wow!

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