Online Trading Academy (OTA) is where I learned (and still learning) to be a Professional Futures Trader. While I completed live classes in the spring of 2017, thankfully, my education continues online for life. Good thing, because learning how to trade the markets successfully has been the second most challenging feat of my life.

The two different reactions I have received upon telling my friends, I find somewhat funny. They either think this means I am going to be rich or they heed a warning of loosing everything. I just want to pay the bills. The bills I would like to incur, however, are not cheap.

Another fun fact is how most of my friends took this time to tell me what they know about the markets and how I generally responded with a shrug, saying, “I don’t know anything about that.” One friend came right out and said it – she wanted to know, “What kind school is that?” And I told her, just like I had told the others, who had given me that look, warranting an explanation.

“I’m just learning how to read charts,” I informed my friends, “I don’t really know much about the markets, except, like, what they are. I know what Forex is, and Futures, which is what I’m doing, and of course, Stocks and Options, though I’m not totally clear on options yet.” Most of my friends didn’t even know you could trade these things. Like myself, buying stocks and then selling them over a period of time, was the extent of their knowledge in this field.

OTA has taught me how to read various charts involved in trading and how to use those charts to make successful trades. This can be done in any of the markets I mentioned above. A number of things I have learned about, surprised me, including how you do not have to first buy low and then sell high to make money; you can also sell high first and then buy low. To do this though, you better know what you are doing.

Somewhere on this page, you should see links to sites I use to help assist me in my trading endeavors, including a link to Online Trading Academy. If you choose to check it out, undoubtedly you will see the same link that I clicked on a couple years ago, after Dave came home and said, “Honey, you might want to check this out, it sounds right up your alley.” He knows me well – I am really into it. Took me a bit to get over my fear though, which was the perfect example of False Expectations Appearing Real, and which I blog about at

Doing it was required to get past the overwhelm, not thinking about how. So yeah, I’m a day trader now! Wow!