Dave & Susie do stuff

From our, “Rock Star Road Trip,” to our favorite Mexican Restaurant, all sorts of stuff that I find film-worthy for whatever reason, you will find here. I often consider this my “digital scrapbook,” and it is entirely possible that you will want to judge me for some of the things I post. I hope you don’t, because it would only hurt you, and if you are reading my blog, chances are pretty good that I do not want to see you hurt.

I used to fear the judgement of others, and then I found that if I stopped judging, my fear of being judged stopped as well. It was not easy and it did not happen overnight, but it was well worth the work and the wait. So judge all you want. And the less happy you want to be in life, the more you should judge.

Regardless, I intend to continue my quest for claiming the, “Queen of Corny,” title, and sharing every bit of it here, because it makes me happy to do so even when people are mean. And there are some mean people on the internet these days! Once you understand though, that people display outwardly how they feel about themselves inwardly, and that all the finger-pointing and blaming for how they feel, are nothing more than diversionary self-preservation tactics, well then it becomes easy to say, “No thank you,” and simply walk away when they try to hand me their pile of puke.

So I hope you enjoy my digital scrapbook and all the corniness that comes with it!

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