Building Owl Boxes

When it comes to the many owls on the ranch, which Miss Kitty loves to sit and watch, I am the one who prefers the branch to be long. We have screech owls and barn owls and horned owls all around.

When we found a family nesting in our shed,

we started building owl boxes.

The plans we used to build our owl boxes were obtained from the Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society’s website, a .pdf file called, “Build a Barn Owl Box Modeled after an Original Design by Steve Simmons.” It can be found at:

Much more than just plans for building a barn owl box, this 31-page .pdf has a plethora of information about owls and how to successfully host a family or two. If this interests you, I highly suggest you check it out! Check back here for photos and videos of owls around the ranch. That’s the Long Branch Ranch Incorporated, or LBRI.

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