The very first blog I ever started is called Susie’s Write Solutions Blog–, and it has to do with words. Generally, each entry has to do with’s Word of the Day.

Susie’s Right Solutions Blog –, sounds-off about the beauties of AVON. Providing great products as well as leadership opportunities and the training to match, are just some of the things I write about here.

Next, I blog of the ins and outs at Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Ranch Incorporated – and about those West of Westlake – Photos of animals – pets and wildlife alike – and scenery are mostly what you will find on these sites.

As far as social media, you can find me on the following sites:

And last but not least, is my online photo album located on Shutterfly. It is quite comprehensive and where I plan to upload the hundreds of thousands of photos I have from both mine and Dave’s family. It is located at The password action will get you in, although to see the photos you will need to also create an account with Shutterfly and then request membership to my site.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may email me at