Uncomplicating Me

Without thinking ahead, I have started several blogs over the last seven years, mostly because I got hooked on buying domain names I like. A new domain called for a new blog, or so I thought, and pretty soon, it got complicated. Shortly after that, life got complicated and my blogs took a back seat.

The heartbreak of my dad’s death in 2018 preceded the shock of my mom’s death in 2019, just seven weeks after being told she had pancreatic cancer. That entire eleven months is now a blur, although bits and pieces come to me out of nowhere, like the time the Hospice nurse told my brother and I we were the best caretakers she had ever seen. When I think of specific moments like that, it does not seem like such a blur, which motivates me to write down everything that comes to me. And I can’t tell you how many times my dad said to me, “Write it down,” about anything and everything. He said it a lot.

I flew back home on February 2, 2020, four months after my mom died. It was hard for me to leave her house – where she died and where her footprints from when she was fifteen years old are imprinted on the storm cellar’s cement roof – and I am so grateful that Dave was super understanding during this time. I did fly in for two weeks at Thanksgiving and Dave flew to Oklahoma for two weeks at Christmas. It was then that he quietly and lovingly asked, “When ya comin home?”

I felt like something inside of me was screaming, “Snap me out of it, please!”

“Don’t tell me what to do,” another part of me wanted to demand. Wait a minute, he’s not telling me what to do. He is asking for an answer.

I wondered how I could go back to Florida and pick my life up where I left off, when I don’t even know where I left off. I wanted to wonder what life would be like, now that everything had changed, but lacked the courage to actually do it. Never would I have imagined that what was to come, could happen here.

Dave and I are fortunate. So far, our lives have been changed on probably the smallest scale. Mandatory masks and businesses changing their hours, particularly banks, we have felt, and really, so what. In the beginning though, it was hard to wrap our heads around the sense of closing the boat ramps, and we really did not like that. Again, so what.

So what I am doing here is uncomplicating things. I am getting all my posts in one place, adding new posts from old photos and adding new photos of me and my old man. After I have transferred everything, the old blogs will be deleted. To follow my blog, please be sure to subscribe below, even if you have subscribed to one of my other blogs, as all the content on other linked sites will be moved to this site.

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