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The very first blog I ever started is called Susie’s Write Solutions Blog –, and it has to do with words. Generally, each entry has to do with’s Word of the Day.

Susie’s Right Solutions Blog, sounds-off about the beauties of AVON. Providing great products as well as leadership opportunities and the training to match, are just some of the things I write about here.

Next, I blog of the ins and outs at Miss Kitty’s Long Branch Ranch Incorporated and about those West of Westlake Photos of animals – pets and wildlife alike – and scenery are mostly what you will find on these sites. The majority of these pictures carry a Creative Commons License and are available for your use through my Flickr site –

As far as social media, I frequent Google+ the most. I prefer this site for several reasons, which I will sum-up by saying I find it to be a little more business-like and less like middle-school drama, is my opinion of the site. So if you want to find me on social media, go to

This is also where you will find a private community called As Susie Sees It –  My Life In Pics. Photos of things Dave and I are doing in the moment are posted here. Everyday outings as well as special occasions, if we wish to share it, this is where you will find it: Clicking on this link will direct you to request membership if you are not already a member. Family, friends and friends of friends are welcome to join, all you need is a Google account (an @gmail email address is a Google account). The app is the easiest way to follow my photos here, although not necessary. One option is to receive an email whenever I post and when you click on the link, the content will open in a web browser.

My second private community with the same name – As Susie Sees It –  My Life In Pics is located on Shutterfly ( and is quite a comprehensive site. While most people might recognize this name for photos, there is actually a lot more you can do with the pages the offer on their different share sites. I utilize the site to organize the thousands of photos with which I have been entrusted.

A few of the things you will find there include:

  • MyLIP – For My Life in Pics, the highlight of this page is the many albums which contain older photos that I have scanned. This page has several sections, including a link to my Flickr site taking you to myCreative Commons Copyrighted photos. Also, the following photo albums can be found on this page:
    • As Susie no-see the 1960’s (for she was not born yet!)
    • As Susie Sees  1970’s
    • As Susie Sees Coming to Age in the 80’s
    • As Susie Sees Married with Children in the 1990’s
    • As Susie Sees when it was Y2K
    • As Susie Sees When Our Kids are grown and gone
  • Kin Folk Photos – Just as you might suppose, photos of my kin folk are on this page. Hundreds, if not thousands, of photos I have of kin folk, I will be posting on this page. Some date back to the 1800’s.
  • In-Kin Folk Photos – After my father-in-law passed away, the six siblings allowed me to take the family’s photo albums that their mother, who passed on some years ago, had put together throughout the years. So, this page contains photos of my in-laws kin folk.

A few other pages are on the site as well and some have specific group restrictions. For instance, I have a page just for my church group and another for grade-school friends. To inquire about membership to any of these pages, for instructions on signing up for any of these sites, or if you experience any problems, please send me an email to

Other sites of the social media sort where I will sometimes post stuff include: